[Slackdocs] Introduction + first ideas

Nicolas Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Mon Aug 20 10:53:41 CEST 2012

Hello everybody,

Just a short introduction to let you know that I've subscribed to the 
mailing list. Thanks for that excellent initiative, Eric. Sometimes I 
have the strong impression you're like the genie in Aladin's lamp. As 
soon as I express a vague idea... poof! Next morning, here it is. Need a 
wiki? Here you go. Need a mailing list. Here it is.

As I've stated in a private mail to Eric, I think the most important 
point now is to setup a structure, a TOC, that has to be fleshed out 
with information. I think the existing Slackbook (3.0 beta) is an 
excellent starting point, and its TOC provides about two thirds of what 
can reasonable figure on a well-provided documentation site. So here's 
what I think could be a reasonable starting point.

1) Transfer the Slackbook to the wiki

2) Articles, chapters and subchapters that currently only exist as stubs 
will gradually be filled in by folks. Let's say someone has a lot to say 
about command-line file compression tools. Well, the relevant section is 
there, only fill in the text at the right place.

3) New chapters can be added in sensible places to the book. Something 
like "detecting your hardware", "Setup central authentication with NFS 
and NIS", "Setting up a firewall", etc...

One other idea that just springs to my mind. Sometimes a subject is 
already covered by an excellent existing article on the web. Let's take 
an example. Hardware detection.

Last week Carla Schroder (one of my favourite technical authors) 
published an excellent article about hardware detection and monitoring 
on Linux.com:


It would be a good idea to link to a set of chosen articles that can be 
applied "as is" to Slackware, eventually with a few comments.



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