[Slackdocs] i18n

asteroid asteroid at slackware-fr.org
Mon Aug 20 13:02:34 CEST 2012


I'm very interesting about how to translate the slackdocs.

My opinion : 
	- the english page have to be validated, up-to-date, and
	  completed before been translated.
	- at this time, translation can be done in others languages.

That can be like this for the beginning. Later, page can (and must)
move around, and translation must follow. We have to make a procedure to
'release' original page _in english_ and ask for translation. Localized
communities can relay the need of translation in their forum, irc
channel, druid circle, ...

Another point I would like to talk about : it is important that
translation follow the main stream. If there is thousan pages to
translate, this is a very big work, but make translation following the
main stream is, imho, easiest.

Last point, english documentation may be written in basic english, like
someone say on LQ thread.

My 0,02$

Jérôme P.

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