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zithro (RabbiT) zithro at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 14:47:57 CEST 2012

I think this is still a pending discussion. Didier Spaier suggested that
someone could write in his own language BEFORE than in english. IMHO it's
not the best way. Who will take care of the translation then.
In fact, I can't find a link to create a NEW page, only to edit some
translations. Maybe I'm blind.
But if you REALLY wanna do it, there is a (convoluted) way. Just waiting
for an admin to tell if it's OK or not to explain the way.

For your 2nd question, cant tell.

2012/8/21 Savino Pio Liguori <savino.liguori at gmail.com>

> So, i suppose that is recommended to create at first the english version
> of all new pages?
> Not a problem, just for knowledge.
> Just an idea: is possible an automatic "add" of the language prefix to the
> links, depending on the language?
> In case of absent page, it can fallback automatically to the english
> version...
> 2012/8/21 zithro (RabbiT) <zithro at gmail.com>
> Yes, the english names. You always insert the language first, then keep
>> the original english link name.
>> Usually I copy/paste the english source in my translation, so the links
>> are premade for me, I just add "fr:" to it.
>> 2012/8/21 Savino Pio Liguori <savino.liguori at gmail.com>
>>>  Hello everybody,
>>> i just noticed one thing:
>>> i translated the "contributing" page into italian language.
>>> But when i go from italian "start" to "contributing" page,
>>> "contributing" still goes to english version until i modify the link with
>>> "it:contributing".
>>> So, just 1 question: have we to put all names of the pages in english,
>>> or in a *random language* name?
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