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Savino Pio Liguori savino.liguori at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 14:54:56 CEST 2012

I hope Eric can read this to add a "new page" button :P
So, i have your same opinion. First english, then the world.
In english we can satisfy a bigger audience.

2012/8/21 zithro (RabbiT) <zithro at gmail.com>

> I think this is still a pending discussion. Didier Spaier suggested that
> someone could write in his own language BEFORE than in english. IMHO it's
> not the best way. Who will take care of the translation then.
> In fact, I can't find a link to create a NEW page, only to edit some
> translations. Maybe I'm blind.
> But if you REALLY wanna do it, there is a (convoluted) way. Just waiting
> for an admin to tell if it's OK or not to explain the way.
> For your 2nd question, cant tell.
> 2012/8/21 Savino Pio Liguori <savino.liguori at gmail.com>
>> So, i suppose that is recommended to create at first the english version
>> of all new pages?
>> Not a problem, just for knowledge.
>> Just an idea: is possible an automatic "add" of the language prefix to
>> the links, depending on the language?
>> In case of absent page, it can fallback automatically to the english
>> version...
>> 2012/8/21 zithro (RabbiT) <zithro at gmail.com>
>> Yes, the english names. You always insert the language first, then keep
>>> the original english link name.
>>> Usually I copy/paste the english source in my translation, so the links
>>> are premade for me, I just add "fr:" to it.
>>> 2012/8/21 Savino Pio Liguori <savino.liguori at gmail.com>
>>>>  Hello everybody,
>>>> i just noticed one thing:
>>>> i translated the "contributing" page into italian language.
>>>> But when i go from italian "start" to "contributing" page,
>>>> "contributing" still goes to english version until i modify the link with
>>>> "it:contributing".
>>>> So, just 1 question: have we to put all names of the pages in english,
>>>> or in a *random language* name?
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