[Slackdocs] Introduction + first ideas

Eric Hameleers eha at alienbase.nl
Tue Aug 21 16:13:53 CEST 2012

On Tue, 21 Aug 2012, asteroid wrote:

>> I hope Eric can read this to add a "new page" button :P
>> So, i have your same opinion. First english, then the world.
>> In english we can satisfy a bigger audience.
> imho, english prior. When english is validated, clear, and up-to-date,
> we can start to translate.
> To create a page, juste enter the url in your browser :
> 	http://wiki/page-that-not-exist
> and the message that appear ask you to create the page
> "page-that-not-exit". That permit to follow a "red" link and you go to
> create it automaticly.


There is no need for a "new page" button in a Wiki.

Also, once we start enforcing the approval process, an english page must 
exist before a translation can be submitted. If a non-english page is 
submitted first, then I propose that we use google translate to produce a 
somewhat coherent english page out of that, and the non-english author 
together with an editor will have to edit the english text so that it uses 
proper language constructs. That way, we end up with TWO good pages for 
the price of one!


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