[Slackdocs] Introduction + first ideas

Eric Hameleers eha at alienbase.nl
Tue Aug 21 16:58:34 CEST 2012

On Tue, 21 Aug 2012, Savino Pio Liguori wrote:

> Hello everybody,i just noticed one thing:
> i translated the "contributing" page into italian language.
> But when i go from italian "start" to "contributing" page, "contributing"
> still goes to english version until i modify the link with
> "it:contributing".
> So, just 1 question: have we to put all names of the pages in english, or in
> a *random language* name?

If an article which you are translating has a link to another Wiki article 
inside, then you should indeed update that link to point to the page in 
your language (i.e. ou have to add "it:" in front of the original wiki 
This is not an automatic process. The advantage of keeping the 
*original* links intact, is that every original link will still work in 
your translated page... they just point to the english version. Anyone can 
then decide that they do not like the english text in an italian wiki 
and start working on a translation.

Cheers, Eric

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