[Slackdocs] Four part article about Slackware 13.37 in French => wiki?

Eric Hameleers eha at alienbase.nl
Tue Aug 21 17:22:00 CEST 2012

On Tue, 21 Aug 2012, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:

> Hello list,
> As you maybe know from LQ, I've published over the last few months a 
> four-part article that goes into quite some detail about Slackware, from 
> general concepts to detailed installation step by step, setting up sound and 
> X, using SlackBuilds and tools like slackpkg and sbopkg. These articles were 
> published in the french magazine "Planète Linux" over the first half of 2012. 
> Usually, the magazine has the rights for every article for a three month 
> period during publication, and then the rights go back to me.
> I suggest I put these articles online, more or less "as is", with a little 
> editing and tweaking. Which opens a question here.

I would propose that we keep the slackbook:* section of the Wiki as close 
to the original Slackbook as possible. The "Slackware Book" is famous and 
we could just have a searcheable Wiki-fied version of it here. Most 
information in it is targeting new users and that reflects in its style.

It is not a bad idea to allow topic articles in another namespace which 
descibe parts of Slackware's setup/administration process from a different 
point of view, in a different style of writing. Your point about people 
reading several sources of information before deciding on their course of 
action is spot on. That is now the mind works.

Which leads me to the issue: what namespaces will we carry initially in 
the Wikui (we can always expand if needed - slackbuilds.org categories 
have grown in numbers too, over time).

We have now:

playground: everyone can test writing wiki pages here, these pages will be 
wiped from time to time.
wiki: reserved space except wiki:users (which are the user pages)
slackware: everything directly related to the distro (philosophy, history 
slackdocs: where the admins/editors document the project
slackbook: this is where a copy of the Slackware Book will go
security: security related articles
talk: where all the discussion pages are gathered

... and then all the language sections too which basically copy the above 
namespaces below their own root.

There are some loose pages in the root which I will move to a proper 
namespace later. The root will only have a "start" page.

What else do we need there? Namespaces like "software:" "hardware:" 
"network:"? Ideas are welcome. Note that this is not the same as creating 
a TOC. That is what the Wiki is going to do automatically once we start 
adding tags to each page and we create placeholder pages for tag 
collections (that is what you will be perceiving as the TOC when it is 

> Basic installation is already more or less covered in the SlackBook. Should 
> the same question be - eventually - covered under different angles? As far as 
> I'm concerned, my spontaneous answer to that question would be definitely 
> "yes". More often than not, when I try to grasp a new subject, I find myself 
> reading several different articles about the subject, before distilling my 
> own version.
> Slight problem: the original articles are in French.
> What do you suggest?

I answered that in an earlier email. Add the french text to the Wiki, put 
that text through google translate and ask someone to clean up the robot 
english so that it will work for english readers. I'll help if you want.

English version should _always_ be available else we will not be able to 
link it into the Wiki.


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