[Slackdocs] docs.slackware.com is live.

Eric Hameleers eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Tue Aug 21 21:07:35 CEST 2012

On 08/21/2012 08:49 PM, zithro (RabbiT) wrote:
> So this goes official, we have the benediction of the guru ! :)
> Thanks to him recognizing our work.
> 2012/8/22 Eric Hameleers <eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl>
>> FYI
>> You will notice that all dokuwiki links to
>> http://taper.alienbase.nl/dokuwiki/ will suddenly end up as
>> http://dos.slackware.com/ ... if you were logged in you'll have to login
>> again because your cookie has a new host reference.
>> I hope that change did not disrupt any page editing.
>> Eric

Oh, I think we had his silent approval all along from the start. I asked
for the docs.slackware.com name quite early and Pat agreed without
twisting his arm.

I just waited with going forward and adopting the domain name until I
could be pretty certain that I would be allowed to "lead" the project,
sort of. I have a strong feeling that a purely community-managed
initiative would not have been accepted into the slackware.com domain.
With one Slackware coreteam member in the admin team, we can safely

I also noticed that I made a typo in the previous email.... the URL is
of course http://docs.slackware.com/ !

Cheers, Eric


Eric Hameleers
Email: eric.hameleers at gmail.com

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