[Slackdocs] Logo for the site

Eric Hameleers eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Tue Aug 21 21:51:33 CEST 2012


I have switched the site's background to the Slackware background, but I
really would like to have a logo right on top, below the "Welcome to the
Slackware Documentation Project".

Could someone fix up the traditional Slackware logo
by replacing the word "linux" with "documentation" or "docs"? I am not
patient enough to be finnicking with the gimp. I do have a SVG version
of this logo if you prefer working with vector graphics editors.

If we at least have something graphical in that area, we could whip uo a
real contest once the site picks up more attention.

Someone who could tweak
into a 128x128 version with the white background made transparent (it's
the transparency which I failed at) then I can replace the blue orb with
the official original Slackware orb.

Thanks, Eric


Eric Hameleers
Email: eric.hameleers at gmail.com

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