[Slackdocs] Suggest an additional namespace for Slackware specific HOWTOs

Eric Hameleers eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Wed Aug 22 22:44:00 CEST 2012

Op 22-8-2012 22:29, asteroid schreef:
>> Op 22-8-2012 20:42, asteroid schreef:
>>> Off topic :
>>>> it would be a good thing to indicate - similarly to 
>>>> SlackBuilds.org - which version of Slackware it has been tested
>>>> with / approved for.  
>>> Let add this to http://docs.slackware.com/wiki:syntax, in the
>>> "footer" section imho.
>>> What about this page ? We can talk about it in the dedicated talk
>>> page. 
>> If you look at http://docs.slackware.com/tag:slackware_allversions you
>> can see an example of that.
>> If you add the following string to any page, it will automatically
>> show up at the above URL:
>> {{tag>slackware_allversions}}  
>> I intend to create tag pages for all recent versions of Slackware (and
>> will create more if you would require so).
>> If you want to indicate that an article is relevant (or the
>> instructions have only be tested on) for instance Slackware 13.37 and
>> 14.0 then you would add this to your page (ideally all the way to the
>> bottom but really it can appear anywhere):
>> {{tag>slackware_13.37 slackware_14.0}}  
>> The overview pages which are automatically going to be populated will
>> eventually be merged into a real Table of Contents (TOC) for the Wiki.
>> We could start a discussion about what tags are useful - if at all
>> useful.
>> Eric
> Yes, I think it's a good choice to use tag for know how version the
> articles is covering. We can add the 64 ones : slackware64_13.37,
> slackware64_14.0 and a basic, like slackware64_only, and why not a
> slackware32_only.
> We will covert all versions with those tag.
Ideally, you should write documentation for a specific release of
Slackware, not for a specific architecture.The deciding factor usually
is sofware versions and library compatibility.
But, I assume that people will want to write architecture-specific
articles (I know that I will for sure!) so I propose a different approach:

Instead of a tag like "slackware64_13.37", use two tags:
"slackware_13.37" and then "x86_64". We can then add the other
architectures too: "x86", "arm", "s390". That will make it _much_
easier to search for articles about ARM for instance.


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