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A. General Slacker s_h60 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 23 03:47:36 CEST 2012

Hello everyone,

I've been using slackware for a little over ten years.  (I still don't know it as well as I would like).  I'd just like to offer any services I can:  I'm able to translate from English to French and French to English but prefer the latter. Correct French grammar is still beyond my grasp and sadly it's my native tongue.  I do a little php hacking and have just ordered my first arduino setup.  If anyone needs assistance with their work and feels I might be able to help don't hesitate to get communicate with me.  I don't code half as well as i'd like to and like to think I code twice as well as I do sadly ;-)

Font Size:
Someone suggested there be an increase of the default font size on the wiki.  I myself just increase the font size on a particular page by using the browser to increase it; none the less several individuals supported the idea.  I don't see any harm in increasing the font size but I also didn't see any further discussion of the subject.

I'd like to make the suggestion that every page (or article, what ever nomenclature you'd use to describe it) be available in a basic .txt file.  I like the idea of a future where I might be able to look up the most recent information on subject "ABC" by visiting docs.slackware.com via a terminal.  It might also serve some accessibility purpose but that's just conjecture on my part.

Look forward to contributing in any way I can and jokingly ask "When's Slackware 14 getting released ?". 

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