[Slackdocs] introductions and suggestions

Eric Hameleers eha at alienbase.nl
Thu Aug 23 10:50:28 CEST 2012

On Thu, 23 Aug 2012, A. General Slacker wrote:

> Font Size:
> Someone suggested there be an increase of the default font size on the
> wiki.  I myself just increase the font size on a particular page by using
> the browser to increase it; none the less several individuals supported the
> idea.  I don't see any harm in increasing the font size but I also didn't
> see any further discussion of the subject.

I want to keep the default font size as-is. The fonts on the wiki are not 
smaller than on any other web page, and modern browsers support font 
upsizing ("Ctrl +" in Firefox for instance) which should do the trick.

> I'd like to make the suggestion that every page (or article, what ever
> nomenclature you'd use to describe it) be available in a basic .txt file.  I
> like the idea of a future where I might be able to look up the most recent
> information on subject "ABC" by visiting docs.slackware.com via a terminal. 
> It might also serve some accessibility purpose but that's just conjecture on
> my part.

Dokuwiki is perfecly readable and searchable in console browsers links and 
lynx. Nevertheless, if you are in a "real" graphical web browser, you can 
render a plain text version of any page by appending the string 
"?do=export_text" to the page's URL.

I want to add further plugins to support export to one or more of the 
formats PUB and Epub. In fact, export to PDF is already available, just 
not yet as a link or button to click on. Similar to the text export above, 
you append "?do=export_pdf" and the current page will be made available to 
you as a PDF download.

> Look forward to contributing in any way I can and jokingly ask "When's
> Slackware 14 getting released ?".

When it's ready of course!


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