[Slackdocs] Package management section

Doogster thedoogster at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 21:55:33 CEST 2012

I propose that the TOC includes a "package management" subsection. And
yes, I'm volunteering to write it.

Slackware badly needs a package management HOWTO. The main reason
people give for not trying Slackware is that they think you install
everything with ./configure; make; make install or that building
Slackware packages is as involved as building .deb and .rpm packages.
Of course, everyone on this list knows that with the resources
available today, the Slackware package management workflow is one
actually one of the more efficient ones.

I would begin by describing how to install kdenlive from an sbopkg queue.

That would be followed up by a screen recording of sbopkg's menus in
action. I would simply upload the video to vimeo and embed it in the
wiki page (the wiki supports that, right?) because vimeo has good
HTML5 video support.

That would be followed by a link to SlackBuilds.org (particularly its
already excellent howto). And a screen recording of how to install a
package from SBo.

That would be followed by link to src2pkg and a brief description of
how to use it.

Finally, there would be a simplified description of how to build a
simple Slackware package with makepkg. For example, a package for a

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