[Slackdocs] Package management section

Eric Hameleers eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Thu Aug 23 22:16:07 CEST 2012

Op 23-8-2012 21:55, Doogster schreef:
> I propose that the TOC includes a "package management" subsection. And
> yes, I'm volunteering to write it.
> Slackware badly needs a package management HOWTO. The main reason
> people give for not trying Slackware is that they think you install
> everything with ./configure; make; make install or that building
> Slackware packages is as involved as building .deb and .rpm packages.
> Of course, everyone on this list knows that with the resources
> available today, the Slackware package management workflow is one
> actually one of the more efficient ones.
> I would begin by describing how to install kdenlive from an sbopkg queue.
> That would be followed up by a screen recording of sbopkg's menus in
> action. I would simply upload the video to vimeo and embed it in the
> wiki page (the wiki supports that, right?) because vimeo has good
> HTML5 video support.
> That would be followed by a link to SlackBuilds.org (particularly its
> already excellent howto). And a screen recording of how to install a
> package from SBo.
> That would be followed by link to src2pkg and a brief description of
> how to use it.
> Finally, there would be a simplified description of how to build a
> simple Slackware package with makepkg. For example, a package for a
> font.
I would really love to read articles about Slackware's package
management. This is one of the examples where Slackware differs from
other distros and it is hard to explain to non-Slackware users what
the benefits are compared to RPM , DEB or YAST.
Please start a page under the howtos: namespace and depending on what
direction you take it, we could decide later on to move it to the
slackware: namespace, or chop it up into multiple HOWTOs or create a
new namespace for this topic.


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