[Slackdocs] regularity, good discipline and arrangement

Yousha Aleayoub Yousha.A at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 29 12:11:34 CEST 2012

Sorry, but i think they DO NOTexist in here.

in the first, determine the task: this is official Wiki of Slackware?
If answers is NO, why are mounted on slackware.com??
If answer is YES, why did not you use the fine structure, fine terms and 
good strategy?

Second, Why you use Doku wiki? and why not MediaWiki?
DocuWiki is not powerfull, is not compatible,is not flexible and its 
just very lightweight wiki system!
The DocuWiki is not good for [GREAT] Slackware Doc project.

Also there is couple of email addresses!- Users are confused to connections.
just one email like docs at slackware.com for all feedbacks about docs. 
(like other linux sites)

There is very bad directory structure for MediaManager:
What is this?!
     + howtos
     + images!
         + images!
             + slackdocs!
         + slackdocs!
     + slackware!
     + wiki
         + user

i think, this is should be like:

+ root
--+ wiki/
-----+ images/
--+ slackware/
-----+ images/
--+ users/
-----+ images/

Where are Wiki moderators, editors and...?
Who manages/moderates the other languages?
Only one person lead the entire complex?

Please get serious pursuit.


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