[Slackdocs] Regularity, good discipline and arrangement

Gil André noryungi at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 15:35:06 CEST 2012


On Aug 25, 2012, at 12:13 PM, Yousha Aleayoub wrote:

> Sorry, but i think they DO NOT exist in here

I am sorry, but "what" does not exist in here?

> in the first, determine the task: this is official Wiki of Slackware?

Hmmm… Take a look at the URL: docs.slackware.com

> If answers is NO, why are mounted on slackware.com??

See above.

> If answer is YES, why did not you use the fine structure, fine terms and good strategy

Sorry again, but what are you talking about?

> Second, Why you use Doku wiki? and why not MediaWiki?

Eric Hameleers chose DokuWiki - he had his reasons, and I think I'll personally respect that choice.

We all have our favorite wiki system, computers, utilities, shell, text editor, etc…

Arguing about these is not very constructive, and detracts, in my opinion, from the ultimate goal:
great documentation for Slackware.

> DocuWiki is not powerfull, is not compatible, is not flexible and its just very lightweight wiki system!
> The DocuWiki is not good for [GREAT] Slackware Doc project

Yes, and if "we" realize DokuWiki is not that good, we can probably replace it by something else later.
At this point (again) arguing about this or that tool detracts from the stated goal.

> Also there is couple of email addresses! - Users are confused to connections.
> just one email like docs at slackware.com for all feedbacks about docs. (like other linux sites)

I can manage two (or more) email addresses. Can't you?

> There is very bad directory structure for MediaManager:
> What is this?!
> [root]
>     + howtos
>     + images!
>         + images!
>             + slackdocs!
>         + slackdocs!
>     + slackware!
>     + wiki
>         + use

Aaaaaaaaand… I am not even going to get into this.

Welcome to the Slackware documentation project. Please feel free to contribute.

-- N.

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