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Up. Any decision yet about a translation guideline ? This guideline would
be specific to translations, as the english page DOES exist already. I dont
want to add this in the wiki as asteroid got the idea first, and i dunno if
its validated.
Some rephrasing still needs to be done though (and ill add to my previous
comments, the 3rd step should also read "show pagesource", a translator may
not be able to edit the source of an english page).

Also, for translations, if we spot a mistake in the english version, what's
the procedure ?
(Take the start page as an example: the link reads create an account, but
it points to start?do=login).
Should we JUST translate (keeping the mistake), warn the english authors of
their mistake, then edit back the translation ?
IMHO this should be the way, to respect the validation process, but it's
kinda time-consuming, no ?

2012/8/23 zithro (RabbiT) <zithro at gmail.com>

> Yes, you are entirely true about: "someone can prefer to translate on
> external editor and c/p after on wiki".
> I was editing in the browser when I saw a lock warning "page locked by
> kookiemaster" and didn't think about that. I hope I didn't mess your work.
> So I think you should copy your propositions in an article in the wiki as
> a "translating guideline page", could be named
> http://docs.slackware.com/slackdocs:translationguide.
> I would just merge the 5bis to the 5th proposition, making the
> author-name/section mandatory to avoid mistakes like mine in the future.
>    5/ add a warning or note on top of the fr: page, saying:
>           - Translation is going on by <name> on whole page"
>            or
>           - Translation is going on by <name> on this <section(s)>.
> For the 6th, isn't it "fill a comment" instead of "feel a comment" ?
> For the 7th, "propose" instead of "purpose", but I wouldn't add this step
> yet, as there's no "localised validation crew" yet !
> 2012/8/23 Eric Hameleers <eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl>
>> For some reason, this message bounced:
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>> From:   asteroid <asteroid at slackware-fr.org>
>> To:     Slackdocs <slackdocs-bounces at alienbase.nl>
>> Subject:        procedure for translation
>> Hi,
>> I'm going to suggest a simple procedure to translate page.
>> 1/ create the localised page, for exemple :
>> http://docs.slackware.com/fr:slackdocs:contributing
>> 2/ "create the page" button to go into edition mode
>> 3/ go to http://docs.slackware.com/slackdocs:contributing, and "edit" it
>> 4/ copy the text and past in the fr: one (immediatly close the original
>> page, clicking on "Cancel", for releasing the lock)
>> 5/ add a warning or note on top of the fr: page, saying "translation is
>> going on".
>> 5bis/ you can add another note saying only editing section and not the
>> whole page, to permit others to contribute too at the same time.
>> 6/ don't forget to feel a "comment" in the field under editing box.
>> 7/ purpose translation to localised validation crew (via mL, irc, or
>> maybe that can be automaticly made by draft plugin)
>> That what I'm suggest, because it permits to show others "page is under
>> work" and avoid double work (someone can prefer to translate on
>> external editor and c/p after on wiki) and visitor clearly see "work in
>> progress".
>> What about ?
>> PS : when draft feature will up, I'll be candidate to integrate the
>> team which validate french translation (or all, but I'll only validate
>> french ones).
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