[Slackdocs] regularity, good discipline and arrangement

Eric Hameleers eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Sat Aug 25 18:58:23 CEST 2012

Hi Yousha

Your first priority should be to fix the time on your computer, not try
to run this project into the ground before it has the chance to even
start up properly. The 29th of august? That is 4 days  into the future!

On 08/29/2012 12:11 PM, Yousha Aleayoub wrote:
> Sorry, but i think they DO NOTexist in here.

You know what bothers me? That you write so many complaints but on the
other hand I observe that you are doing small edits in a lot of pages
where you did not check if that was wise. I consider that an obvious
attempt to frustrate our attempts to bring discipline and structure into
the project.

For instance, this edit of yours:
- ==== How can I get a copy Slackware Linux? ====
+ ==== How can I get a copy Slackware? ====

Why do you think that was OK to change? The distro is officially called
"Slackware Linux" wnich makes your change to that page wrong.

> in the first, determine the task: this is official Wiki of Slackware?
> If answers is NO, why are mounted on slackware.com??
> If answer is YES, why did not you use the fine structure, fine terms and
> good strategy?

This is not a project which is sponsored by Slackware Linux. You can
read that in the Wiki's own pages. The host docs.slackware.com is used
to show that the Slackware team is passionate about this community
project. What's wrong with that?

And what "fine structure, fine terms and good strategy" are you talking
about? Remember, this project is a week old now. I (being the
kickstarter of the project) have not restricted anyone in his page
editing activities. Otherwise everybody _would_ have complained that I
was playing the little dictator role. This freedom resulted in a lot
(really a lot!) of people creating an account for themselves and filling
the wiki with original content. I really love to see how this project is
being taken seriously by so many people that they want to spend their
time and write stuff for the Wiki.

> Second, Why you use Doku wiki? and why not MediaWiki?
> DocuWiki is not powerfull, is not compatible,is not flexible and its
> just very lightweight wiki system!
> The DocuWiki is not good for [GREAT] Slackware Doc project.

Why would it not be good? I think that is a subjective opinion.
Let me tell you this. Why do you think there is a highly successful Arch
Wiki and at the same time, Slackware documentation is scattered all over
the planet? The reason io that nobody wanted to step up, define a few
core goals and start a documentation project. That is exactly what I
have done last week, using resources for which you do not have to pay,
creating a platform that everybody can profit from.
If you are not happy with this, why did you not start this project
yourself, using your own design goals?
People have been talking and talking, and that discussion could have
gone on for many more years. Sometimes you have to stop sitting on your
fingers and act.

And believe me, Docuwiki is a lot more flexible than Mediawiki. I use
both. Have you used both?

> Also there is couple of email addresses!- Users are confused to
> connections.
> just one email like docs at slackware.com for all feedbacks about docs.
> (like other linux sites)

Yawn, Complaining for no other reason than to complain, are you?

> There is very bad directory structure for MediaManager:
> What is this?!
> [root]
>     + howtos
>     + images!
>         + images!
>             + slackdocs!
>         + slackdocs!
>     + slackware!
>     + wiki
>         + user
> i think, this is should be like:
> + root
> --+ wiki/
> -----+ images/
> --+ slackware/
> -----+ images/
> --+ users/
> -----+ images/
> ...

Give us a goddamn chance of setting up this project then! And stop
putting sand in the machine.

> Where are Wiki moderators, editors and...?

We are there, we just do not have much time to spare. All of us have a
daytime job and have to set this up in our free time. Look at the
contact page if you want to know who we are.

> Who manages/moderates the other languages?

Other languages can not be moderated by the original team (a dutch and a
french guy). That is why we welcome people who are fluent in another
language, and who want to help the project as an editor (i.e. someone
who can ensure that pages in his own language are proofed for quality).

> Only one person lead the entire complex?

No. We are a team. But the server which hosts the Wiki is mine, and the
server which hosts the mailing list is also mine. The reason for that is
that I started this project. Feel free to complain about that. You could
also send me your money.

> Please get serious pursuit.

I can not take you seriously anymore. Your mail about package versions
was well-received and I was grateful for that. This long complaint on
the other hand, looks as if it has been written by someone completely



Eric Hameleers
Email: eric.hameleers at gmail.com

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