[Slackdocs] images slackware:install

Eric Hameleers eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Mon Aug 27 00:23:02 CEST 2012

Op 26-8-2012 23:43, Rodrigo Amorim Ferreira schreef:
> Hi Eric,
> How about we see this in a "technical" way? My idea: put side by side,
> both full color screenshot images and B&W screenshots (the images that
> is already present in the SlackDocs Slackware install page).
> I think, we have plenty of space to do that in SlackDocs. And better, we
> can attend "three types" of users: those who have color monitor, those
> who don't have color monitor, and those with some kind of visual
> disabilities.
> And to better highlight this, we can put some legend in every botton
> part of the images(in text format in the page body). Something like
> this:
> "Installation screen of the swap recognition from the '''setup''
> Slackware installation tool, both in full color (left) and B&W (right).
> And, one thing that I think we are missing is just the image's legends.
> I think we need to put a legend in every image present in the SlackDocs
> pages, to help users to better understand the steps.
Adding a legend to the images sounds like a good idea.
Putting colour and b/w images next to each other is definitely
overkill. Do not do that. Colour images will look better in all cases.
Even colour blind people should not have issues with Slackware colour

You can make a decision to use only b/w images instead of colour
images. That choice is up to the page author(s), with guidance of the
staff editor.

Alien BOB.

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