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asteroid asteroid at slackware-fr.org
Mon Aug 27 09:55:12 CEST 2012


I'm going to be boring, sorry.

Is it possible to remove the mailman footer when you reply ? (the
horizontal bar with "slackdocs ML and mail and url). This become
difficult to read when there is 5 "footers" quoted in the mail for
reading 1 sentence as reply.

The good way is to insert a signature in your mail (adding a line
containing "-- " and some text after). The mail clients remove
signature when you "reply", and so remove the auto mailman add.

Another traditional rule, is to reply _after_ the question. If original
mail is :
	what the color of your shirt ?
	What os do you use ?

We can reply as :
	> Hi
	> what the color of your shirt ?
	black, with "slackware" written in white
	> what os do you use ?
	windows wista 7.0, of course !

That a way readable, or, group all the replies on the bottom of mail.
	> Hi,
	> what the color of your shirt ?
	> What os do you use ?

	My shirt is black with Slackware 1337 on it, and I run a real

Thx for reading my boring morning mail.

PS : another thing I do not respect, is to write in good english ... I
try, but I'm not a good master for that, sorry.

aster sign manually added.

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