[Slackdocs] My proposal of a web forum instead of a mailing list

asteroid asteroid at slackware-fr.org
Tue Aug 28 15:45:56 CEST 2012

I think forum is an easy accessible interface, for every one. Some
communities use forum as main site.

Mailing list is more private, more accessible for a daily work. I
receive beetween 100 and 400 mails a day, depending the activity of
different groups. All my mail are automatic store in their own
directory. I can immediately see how many mails I ve got about

My client mail, claws-mail, let me mark the message and I know rapidly
if I read, reply or keep the message for later.

I haven't got to log-in. I haven't got "expire session".

Thread are shown graphicaly, because I use a good client. I can see
unread mail in thread, without waiting for http server lag.

I brief, I prefer +++ mailing list.

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