[Slackdocs] New Slackware Linux Installation Images and its {paths|names}

Emilio Hodge whiz at home.nl
Tue Aug 28 23:33:59 CEST 2012

Rodrigo Amorim Ferreira wrote:
> Hi there,
> Can we have this image (or one similar and actual):
> http://www.slackbook.org/html/installation/setup-program-w.png
> available for use in the SlackDocs wiki? I really want to explain all
> parts of the Slackware installation process to the users (new or
> advanced ones). And I think, show them the setup initial screen would be
> a good idea (also, to illustrate the HELP menu item, too).
> NOTE 1: if we could have all Slackware Installation setup screenshots
> available, better. Because we will be able to build a better (and
> modular, easy-to-understand) installation (and, of course, show them how
> to properly use the setup program latter after-installation) tutorial
> for everyone (new or advanced users) interested in follow our
> instructions (in our native languages too).
I created a couple of setup screenshot I think it is possible to create 
them all.
> NOTE 2: And I think all images needs to be available in SlackDocs wiki
> only (and not depend on external images that could be potentially
> deleted some time).
They are in the SlackDocs wiki.
> NOTE 3: And also, can someone explain to me how can I obtain all paths
> (links, names) about all installation images available in the SlackDocs
> wiki?
The images are in the Media Manager and you can refer to them by their 
namespace there for example {{ :slackware:setup_target_cl.png?nolink |}}

> Best Regards.
> Rodrigo

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