[Slackdocs] Suggestion for Reply Order Structure in the List

W. Dean Milner wdmilner at caisteal.net
Wed Aug 29 20:06:12 CEST 2012

On 2012.08.28 20:55, Nocturnal Slacker wrote:
> Your default method of reply isn't determined by the mailing list. It's
> determined by the account settings in whatever application (website
> email, stand-alone email client, etc.) you're using to reply.
> For instance, in Mozilla Thunderbird's account settings under
> Composition and Addressing, you can set whether to top or bottom reply.
> Most stand-alone clients have this capability. I don't know for sure
> about webmail access. I don't use it, so can't say.

Thunderbird also has separate buttons for Reply (individual) or Reply 
List (everyone).


W. Dean Milner



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