[Slackdocs] Editing Rules

Barry Watson barry.watson23 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 09:52:59 CEST 2012

Thanks to all who have contributed positive improvements to the page I 
started. I'll make sure that I type up anything on my local machine 
before I add it to the wiki in future. To be honest, I didn't know that 
any amendments had been made to the page as no changes had appeared on 
the page I was editing.

I'll be much more careful in future and will get up to speed with the 
wiki software before I do anything else - last thing I want to do is 
irritate people whose help and contributions I've requested.

Thanks for efforts and my apologies again for clumisness/ignorance on my 
part - I've not used any wiki software before at all, beyond a couple of 
changes to existing pages on Wikipedia.

All the best


On 08/29/2012 06:05 PM, Nocturnal Slacker wrote:
> I posted this on this talk page --> 
> http://docs.slackware.com/talk:slackware:beginners_guide and I believe 
> it is important enough to be repeated on this list.
> ======
>  I believe an important rule of wiki etiquette needs to be stated here 
> and now for the record:
>     -- Major edits should NOT be performed on any contributor's 
> submissions here without his/her express knowledge and permission. 
> (with a record of discussion on the Talk page)
> Exceptions to this rule:
>     1. The author is unknown or no longer an active participant here.
>     2. Editing is required to correct vandalism.
>     3. Minor grammatical, punctuation, wiki formatting edits.
>     4. Blatant errors - in which case, a note should be placed within 
> the article by a Staff Editor stating that the information is 
> incorrect as it currently appears and will be amended soon (once the 
> original contributor is notified).
>     -- For all of the above, a record of the editor's reasons and 
> further discussion should be present on the Talk page.
> And finally, I completely understand a contributor's anger and 
> disappointment when their work is improperly altered. It can take 
> hours to research, compile, and finalize and article. To have that 
> work substantially edited by someone later without the courtesy of 
> prior discussion is wrong and will not be tolerated by the Slackware 
> Linux Documentation Project Staff or community.
> Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
> — V. T. Eric Layton 2012/08/29 09:27
> ======

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