[Slackdocs] Editing Rules

Nocturnal Slacker nocturnal.slacker at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 30 17:40:58 CEST 2012

On 08/30/2012 03:52 AM, Barry Watson wrote:
> Thanks to all who have contributed positive improvements to the page I
> started. I'll make sure that I type up anything on my local machine
> before I add it to the wiki in future. To be honest, I didn't know that
> any amendments had been made to the page as no changes had appeared on
> the page I was editing.
> I'll be much more careful in future and will get up to speed with the
> wiki software before I do anything else - last thing I want to do is
> irritate people whose help and contributions I've requested.
> Thanks for efforts and my apologies again for clumisness/ignorance on my
> part - I've not used any wiki software before at all, beyond a couple of
> changes to existing pages on Wikipedia.
> All the best
> Barry

Barry, thanks for your reply regarding this situation. We're all in 
learning mode right now. Mistakes and miscommunication is inevitable. 
Thanks for your understand, cooperation, and mostly for your 
contributions to this project. Please continue to participate and help 
us build this place.


~V. T. Eric Layton, Nocturnal Slacker

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