[Slackdocs] REQUEST: Detailed Tutorial about ''cfdisk'' Usage

Rodrigo Amorim Ferreira rodrigo at codecommunity.org
Thu Aug 30 18:31:21 CEST 2012

On Wed, 2012-08-29 at 22:03 +0200, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> Rodrigo Amorim Ferreira a écrit :
> > Can I ask for something? I really think we need a detailed English
> > tutorial about the cfdisk usage too (and not only one about fdisk). I
> > know this tools are very similar in usage, but (in order to help
> > newbies) I think we can extend this cfdisk proto-tutorial in something
> > better too.
> One shouldn't forget here that even fdisk's own manpage recommends the 
> use of cfdisk rather than fdisk.
> Niki

Hi Niki and everyone,

I also added short-citations for ''sfdisk'' and ''parted'' (only a
simple mention about this two tools) for the Brazilian portuguese
translation of the SlackDocs wiki Slackware's installation tutorial (see
TOC in the link below):


And, about the cfdisk tutorial, I really hope we can make this for the
users in English language first :)

What do you think?

Best Regards.


NOTE: I don't want to do it only for the Brazilian portuguese
translation because I think this tutorial is too much important for
being available in only one language, but... ;)

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