[Slackdocs] Merry X-Mas & some news

Niki Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Tue Dec 25 11:23:59 CET 2012

Hello fellow Slackers,

First of all, merry Christmas to all. May these days be full of joy and 
peace for you.

I've been in read-only mode for quite some time now, mainly because of a 
Linux training job that's been keeping me very busy since the end of 

The students have repeatedly asked for some documentation in "digested" 
form, so I've created a blog that I'm regularly filling with articles 
drawn from my own documentation in various notebooks (paper) or simple 
text files. The blog is starting to get in shape, take a peek here:


The reason why I'm not directly including these pages into the Slackware 
Documentation Project is that 1) I'm first writing them in French, and 
2) I have to go very fast, so I can't go through the whole validation 
process (even if I'm a God Of Validation here myself :oD)

The articles are mostly about basic-to-advanced system administration: 
DHCP, DNS, package management, LILO, building an initrd, etcetera.

Basically, all these articles are free for eventual cannibalization. For 
instance, I've written a very detailed article about package management, 
that also includes rebuilding packages, working with SlackBuilds, adding 
third party software from source, working with sbopkg, and so on. Check 
it out here:


I can only begin adding these articles starting in March, but if you 
folks want to use it as a basis right now, feel free to use it as you like.

My articles have all been tried "live" by a bunch of Linux sysadmin 
students, and I'm rewriting them using many of their questions until 
things are clear in their heads and in my documentation.

happy Slacking, and "à bientôt",


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