[Slackdocs] Editing the Wiki Slackbook

Xavier Belanger / Ellendhel slackdocs at ellendhel.net
Thu Dec 27 22:58:16 CET 2012


> > On the Slackbook, in the page about the shell, the example about
> > "man man" probably need to be put in bold (it's normal text currently).

Same player, shoot again:

 [ http://docs.slackware.com/slackbook:shell#file_and_directory_creation_and_deletion ]

**mkdir foo** in the second paragraph after the code block.

And a mistake in a following paragraph: "If you failed to use the //-p//
argument, **//man//** would fail to create "/slack/foo/bar""

I will be surprised to create a directory with man (even with -p) ;-)

That error come from the original SlackBook, so I have sent a e-mail
to Alan Hicks about that. But it would be nice to correct the wiki
version as soon as possible.

Ellendhel <slackdocs at ellendhel.net>

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