[Slackdocs] regarding localization

Xavier Belanger / Ellendhel slackdocs at ellendhel.net
Sat Nov 3 15:06:15 CET 2012


> I'm about to write a Howto/Tutorial about "How can I configure my 
> Slackware-system for German language support" (localization).
> I want to write it in English and German and the subjects are
> 1. Setting $LANG
> 2. German Menus for Firefox and Thunderbird
> 3. KDE
> 4. Where to obtain the de-packages for libre-office
> 5. further information?

3a. KDE login screen
5. aspell

And yes, it's a very good idea!

Ellendhel <slackdocs at ellendhel.net>

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