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On 11/02/2012 08:52 PM, Bojan Popovic wrote:
> Hi!
> My name is Bojan, I'm a Slackware user from a small country
> called Serbia. I am 30 y. old and have been a Linux user from 2001. I
> think I've first heard about Linux in 1999 or 2000. I started with
> something called WinLinux and very soon switched to Red Hat. I found
> out about Slackware in 2005, tried it and got hooked. While I did try
> other distributions, I mostly stayed faithful to Slack. It's a
> distribution that best suites my needs and tastes. I'm currently one of
> the coordinators of "Slackware Srbija" - Serbian Slackware community.
> Slackware Serbia was established in 2006 by a Slackware enthusiasist.
> Soon he assembled a small team and they kick-started the things. All
> was well for some time. But over the time the activity and interest of
> community members dropped and eventually the community came on the verge
> of shutting down at the end of 2011. One of the members of the original
> team posted a cry to help. He wasn't using Slackware anymore, hadn't
> got time for the maintainance and other team members mostly left. He
> asked if someone wants to step up and continue. This post
> came to a several members (and moderators) of a general IT forum. We
> were Slackers and naturally decided to help. We stepped in, extended
> the expiring domain name, moved to the new hosting and drew in a bunch
> of new users. We also appeared at three or four FLOSS gatherings in
> Serbia (including this years SFD where we shortly presented our
> community), we held two presentations, and generally tried to promote
> Slackware.
> Over the time, we assembled a small core team and are slowly
> reorganizing and re-growing the community. So our time is mostly
> consumed by internal projects ATM. But we intend and are planning to
> contribute to a wider Slackware community in the future.
> My nickname on the SDP wiki is bocke, the nick I most commonly use. But
> I'm also known as bobzilla on LQ Slackware forums.
> Well, why am I presenting myself to you now? I took a challenge of
> writing an article on Slackware localization for SDP. :) The first draft
> will be posted here in several days. I expect your feedback, comments
> and support.
> And in case you know a good Slackware addiction support group: I am
> a Slackware addict. :)
> Bojan.
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WELCOME to the Slackware Linux Documentation Project! We're very happy 
to have you with us. :)

~Eric L.

~V. T. Eric Layton, Nocturnal Slacker

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