[Slackdocs] Regarding localization, I need help with keyboard-settings

Markus Hutmacher markus.hutmacher at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 22:55:26 CET 2012

Hello together,

I'm writing about Localization. setxkbmap command and how to use it in 
order to change the keyboard-layout.

Following situation:
1. The system boots to runlevel 4
2. The systemwide settings in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ don't meet the users 
requirements regarding the keyboard-settings (for example a german user 
on an american computer).
3. The user has written a little script which uses setxkbmap in order to 
adapt the keyboard-settings.

Question: where does this user place the script? I'm searching for a 
solution which is valid for gdm, kdm and xdm as well.
It seems to be an issue that setxkbmap overrides any keyboard-settings 
so that it should not run after other keyboard-settings have been 

I've not yet found information to this special case for any 

Maybe this isn't even possible....

Thanks in advance



Markus Hutmacher

markus.hutmacher at gmail.com

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