[Slackdocs] Server docs.slackware.com down for hard drive swap

Eric Hameleers eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Fri Nov 23 22:47:48 CET 2012

Op 23-11-2012 9:07, Eric Hameleers schreef:
> Op 22-11-2012 22:52, Eric Hameleers schreef:
>> Like the subject says, server docs.slackware.com has been taken down
>> temporarily for a hard drive swap. One of its disks is failing.
> An update:
> There is a bit of a setback.
> While the RAID was re-assembling after replacing the failed hard
> drive, the server admin tripped over the power cable and that killed
> the filesystem of host on which my virtual machine runs.
> It did not look good at first but no the admin tells me that he has
> overcome his issues with the RAID, and that we may be online again at
> the end of the day.
> If all fails, I keep daily backups of the Wiki data so I will be able
> to recover. I do not have a backup of the statistics database, so that
> would be lost if the host server can not be repaired.
> More news, later. If there is no progress by the end of today, then it
> will take me several days to get the Wiki back online, because I am
> flying to India in 24 hours for a week's stay (work related) and do
> nopt know if I will have Internet access there.
> Eric

The server is back online, without dataloss. And I have updated my
backup script to also dump the MySQL database which stores the Wiki
access statistics.
I wll see if I can create a new "Wiki News Letter" including
statistics overview during my stay in India.

Cheers, Eric

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