[Slackdocs] Native TeX Live intergration tutorial

Seb sbb at tuxfamily.org
Wed Nov 28 19:08:54 CET 2012


Finally, I've maybe found something interesting to write on. :)

I've made a tutorial explaining how to almost properly integrate the
native (ie. from upstream) TeX Live installation in Slackware. This
should allow the LaTeX users to get a customized and more easily
updatable TeX distribution (compared with a classic package).

So, I've two little questions:

 1) does the subject comply with the editorial policy of the site?
 2) where should I put it? in howtos:software, in howtos:tex or in
slackware: ? (the text is ~10800 chars long, with many code

Thanks for switching my light on. ;)

Take care,

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