[Slackdocs] Russian Howto

Eric Hameleers eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Wed Oct 3 22:52:13 CEST 2012

On 10/03/2012 03:14 PM, Eric Hameleers wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Oct 2012, Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejer wrote:
>> On Tue, 02 Oct 2012 22:07:23 +0200
>> Eric Hameleers <eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl> wrote:
>>> I verified the addnewpage's language file on the server with the
>>> original from the download, and their md5sums match.
>>> So, it is not the plugin which got currupted but the way in which the
>>> DokuWiki displays the plugin's texts.
>>> DokuWiki itself has no issues with Russian script, so the problem must
>>> be somewhere else.
>>> Eric H.
>> Does the server default to ISO-8859-1?
>> I have had to override default encoding through .htaccess on some hosted
>> servers because of this.
>> All the best,
>> Morten
>> __
>> Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejer
>> http://syntaktisk.dk * mjjzf at syntaktisk.dk
> I would not know what to change. The russian pages themselves (like
> the other non-european languages) display just fine. It is only the
> text on that new page button which shows questionmarks.
Eventually I fixed this by converting the russian language file of the
addnewpage plugin from "UTF-8 with BOM" to plain UTF-8.

Eric H.

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