[Slackdocs] RAID howto

John Jenkins goblin at scooter.co.nz
Thu Oct 11 22:16:24 CEST 2012

On 10/12/2012 09:00 AM, Paul Chavent wrote:
> On 10/11/2012 09:53 PM, John Jenkins wrote:
>> On 10/12/2012 07:36 AM, Paul Chavent wrote:

>>> After some subjects on LQ about RAID (i had some naming issues following
>>> the README_RAID.TXT on the slack iso), i wonder if it would be possible
>>> to update this readme.
>> Hi Paul,
>> Just wondering....
>> Do the naming issues disappear if you use metadata=0.90 ?
> Yes, indeed, my root partition (/dev/md1) was created with the
> metadata=0.90 and it has been mounted after the first reboot (that's why
> my system boot).
> But my home and swap (that wasn't metadata=0.90) haven't been mounted
> (because they was named /dev/md127, /dev/md126).

Yes things get a bit more complex when using the new metadata format
and/or IMSM.

Usually I just do a mdadm -Ss before creating any arrays and use the
0.90 format and all is well.

We'll certainly need to add some things to the README_RAID.TXT and
probably make some changes in the initrd creation for the next release.



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