[Slackdocs] Unable to edit a SlackBook page / tag error

Xavier Belanger / Ellendhel slackdocs at ellendhel.net
Sun Oct 21 14:52:56 CEST 2012


> We just copy what's in the official Slack Book. I Checked that
> original at (...) and indeed it is the same there.
> If you want to fix it, please send an update to Alan Hicks and
> the update will land in our Wiki sometime later.

I will do that.  Probably later, to send other remarks and comments
at the same time.

For instance, on the chapter about filesystems I read "This is in
stark contract to what you may be familiar (...).  I'm not sure
but it's maybe "contrast" instead of "contract".  I will also ask
the author about that.

Ellendhel <slackdocs at ellendhel.net>

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