[Slackdocs] Slackbook Conventions and article updates

Eric Hameleers eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Tue Sep 4 21:26:53 CEST 2012

On 09/04/2012 08:19 PM, Matthew Fillpot wrote:
> On 9/4/12, Gil ANDRE <noryungi at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Matthew: thank you, this is going very helpful.
>> The question I have now is: have you made the reverse script to go from
>> dokuwiki to slackbook xml?
>> I am asking since I think it would be very good to update the slackbook from
>> time to time, using the edits and contributions from the wiki... A bit more
>> money for Pat V. & slackware.com...
>> Also, I wanted to translate the slackbook into French, and having something
>> "ready to print" from the wiki would be great!
> Gil,
> No script will be created to translate from docuwiki to xml because
> the wiki will mirror upstream as close as possible. Changes from
> upstream will be applied to the wiki as they are received. If someone
> wished to contribute to the slackbook they can mirror the git repo as
> listed on the website and pass patches back to Allan. If good
> recommendations are made in the wiki talk pages then I will take the
> initiative to test them out and submit the changes for the users if
> necessary.
> My goal is to use the git repo to check for regular updates and append
> the changes to the wiki within 24 hours, however for your translation
> you can use my wiki changes or track the changes yourself with a local
> git copy.
I think that is the best way to keep both versions current. I could not
have expressed it better.

Eric H.

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