[Slackdocs] Slackbook Conventions and article updates

Eric Hameleers eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Wed Sep 5 19:53:49 CEST 2012

On 09/05/2012 06:14 AM, Matthew Fillpot wrote:
> Here is what I want to do:
> Per our discussions the slackbook pages will be clones of the original
> documents, so I plan to copy the current page back to the
> slackware:install namespace for community additions and rebuild the
> slackbook:install to the original state. This will cleanly separate
> the two documents.
> We must remember that unlike in a wiki, the true slackbook has page
> and space requirements. Components of the slackware:install page may
> potentially be merged into the slackbook if Alan finds content of
> interest or the contributor submits a patch to Alan. 

I agree that the original page should be moved back into
slackware:install . It will allow us to create a much more elaborate
installation document, catering both new and experienced users. It is
not linked from the front page for no reason.

Then the original installation chapter from the Book can take its place
in slackbook: namespace. The Slackware Book section in our Wiki should
resemble the original as closely as possible.

> As for the pt-br page, the site guidelines state that all revisions
> must be posted in english  first, so your improvements should also be
> made to the english copy of the document when it has been moved.
Aye to this. An english page must always exist for any non-english
article. If you lack the time to create a proper english translation of,
say, a pt_BR original, then please create a place holder page in the
english section, and signal the staff editors that this page need
attention (you do that by adding a tag "needs_attention" to the page).
Explain what needs to be done for the page in the "discussion" tab of
the incomplete page.


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