[Slackdocs] Slackbook Conventions and article updates

Rodrigo Amorim Ferreira rodrigo at codecommunity.org
Wed Sep 5 22:39:13 CEST 2012

On Wed, 2012-09-05 at 15:30 -0400, Matthew Fillpot wrote:
> On 9/5/12, Rodrigo Amorim Ferreira <rodrigo at codecommunity.org>
> wrote:> 
> > Hi Eric,
> > 
> > I think there is a misunderstand about this "point". I know that if
> I
> > want to create a new tutorial page in PT-BR, I need to (first)
> create an
> > EN-US equivalent one. This is a common-point. A rule that we all
> agree.
> > 
> > But, the Brazilian portuguese translation was already created based
> on
> > the similar (and original) installation page in English. So, they
> have
> > the "same" path and name:
> > 
> > EN-US: http://docs.slackware.com/slackware:install
> > 
> > PT-BR: http://docs.slackware.com/pt-br:slackware:install
> > 
> > The only "difference" is the "content" inside.
> > 
> > There, I made many modifications (and {modularization|expansion}) in
> the
> > content, to help attend both new and advanced Brazilian Linux (and
> > Slackware) users that want to use Slackware Linux in their
> computers.
> > So, this is a translation based in an already existent page, and not
> a
> > new one (both in path, focus, theme and name).
> > 
> > But I really would like to see this extra-content (and new
> structure)
> > that I created in the PT-BR version, in the original page. So, if
> anyone
> > wants to help translate my install page version from PT-BR to EN-US,
> I
> > will be glad :)
> > 
> > But (again) for this task, I need your (first) approve and (second)
> > help. I will not "touch" the EN-US install page without your
> approval.
> > So, if you all approve my install version, we can work together to
> > re-create the EN-US install page based on my PT-BR modifications.
> And I
> > need your help because I'm not so proficient in English to do this
> task
> > alone ;)
> > 
> > Best Regards.
> > 
> > Rodrigo
> > 
> > 
> > 
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> Rodrigo,
> If you need assistance with translation to English at any time you can
> visit the IRC channel to ask for immediate assistance.
> I had noticed that we both work on the wiki at nearly the same times
> (~22:00 GMT-4 and later). I am always in the IRC when editing the
> document, so we can work together at when I am available to
> synchronize the copies. I only know english, but between your rough
> translation and google's rough translation only the grammar should
> need special attention.
> I may be a little tied up tongiht between moving the slackbook:install
> page and updating the slackbook, but whenever I am available I will do
> my best to assist.
> -- 
> -Thank You,
> -Matthew Fillpot

Hi Matthew,

I will really appreciate your help. But I will only start this English
translation version when I manage to finish my current Brazilian
portuguese translation (and expansion) work of the original English
install page. I think we cannot loose time, constantly changing the
original English version of the install page, if the PT-BR modifications
is still "under development". But I think I'll be able to finish this
translation work as soon as possible.

And yes! I will contact you after that, so we could start the EN-US
re-translation of this new content page. Thank you by your help :) And,
like you suggest, the IRC will be the best place for us to discuss this

And yes [2]! My (big) problem with English is the grammar (and not use
to much different words to communicate) I think my English can be
compared to a 6 years old boy English knowledge? (or worse than
that...?) :D

But I will try to fix it as soon as possible :)

Best Regards.


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