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Alan Hicks alan at lizella.net
Mon Sep 17 02:56:58 CEST 2012

On Sun, 16 Sep 2012 20:25:36 -0400
"J. Pavel Espinal" <jpe at slackware-es.com> wrote:
>  > Alan,
>  > I sent you an email regarding this very topic a week or two ago
>  > but 
> didn't get a response. I know you must get a lot of email so I'll 
> summarize here:

My apologies; I thought I had replied to you. It's possible that some
one else sent me an e-mail about a Spanish translation as well and I
got the two of you confused.

>  > I needed to get the contact information for the guy who does the 
> Spanish translation for the Slackbook. I was wondering if he was 
> planning on uploading his translation to the site or if he would
> rather have me do it (and update it at the same time). His site isn't
> very clear on what license his translation is under, so I just wanted
> to make sure I can even copy it over the SlackDocs Wiki at all.

The first two editions were licensed under the GPLv2, so any
translations would have to be under the same license. The new book is
licensed under the Creative Commons (you can find the license under
COPYING in the git tree). In order to relicense the book, I had to do a
complete rewrite from scratch without referring to the older releases
in any meaningful way. Any translations of this new edition will have
to carry that same Creative Commons license.

> I'm the one that's in charge of the slackware-es.com site which in 
> itself is a translation of the slackware.com site. I have published
> the Spanish version of the book there under this URL 
> http://slackware-es.com/slackbook/ , where you'll see that the 
> translation was made by "Nestor Alonzo", a guy who seems to have 
> vanished from the face of the Earth. Maybe that translation's license
> is the same one as the English book.

It should be. Of course I doubt anyone's ever tried to enforce the GPL
as it regards to the Slackware Book, but if you want to keep things
legit translations should have the same license. Of course, IANAL and
the laws of other nations may be different than those I am familiar

> I've been waiting Alan to finish the new version (and maybe even
> putting some pressure over him via emails) in order to start a
> translation of the new book, under the same license as the book
> itself.

You could start translating now of course. At this point the book is
pretty much "feature complete", but I will of course still be fixing up
many things in it to get it to a "perfect" state. If you grab the git
tree, you can follow the diffs to make sure you update your translation
alongside the original work as changes come in.

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