[Slackdocs] Spanish translation.

Eric Hameleers eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Sat Jan 12 14:25:39 CET 2013

Op 12-1-2013 13:24, latincom at vcn.bc.ca schreef:
>> ¡Hola, dragon!
>> Soy el editor encargado de las traducciones al español. Puedes ir
>> traduciendo los artículos que aún faltan y si quieres me envías los
>> enlaces
>> para revisar que estén dentro de los lineamientos definidos por el
>> proyecto.
>> Saludos,
>> Gerardo Zamudio
>> !DSPAM:1879,50ef085625482053816082!
> Gerardo
> I have 2 pages for translation; Dokuwiki Syntax, and SlackDocs Style
> Guide. Both are read only. What is the procedure to do the translation?
> Can you follow it for me?
> I am assuming that translation to Spanish is going to be useful!
> Thanks.
> dragon.
> BTW, i have finished the Translation Guide page. Have you seen it?
> _______________________________________________
Hi dragon

This mailinglist has an international audience so we prefer english
conversation... that way we can all understand what is being said.

As for your question about Dokuwiki Syntax, and SlackDocs Style Guide,
the english originals are indeed read-only. But the translation page
for the Style Guide, http://docs.slackware.com/es:slackdocs:styleguide
, should be editable for you (it's currently non-existing).

Translations for the Wiki syntax page are not currently distributed
with the dokuwiki source tarball. However the translated pages can
easily be obtained from https://www.dokuwiki.org/wiki:syntax and then
copied into our own Wiki.
As an example I copied the raw wiki text for the dutch syntax page
from https://www.dokuwiki.org/nl:wiki:syntax to
http://docs.slackware.com/nl:wiki:syntax .

I also removed "[SPAM]" from the subject line because my mail client
filtered out this email because of that word. I only noticed it later.


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