[Slackdocs] Translator French ---> English ?

Niki Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Sun Mar 10 16:50:55 CET 2013

Le 10/03/2013 02:30, A. Slacker a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> I'm not a native English speaker but it has been my second language from
> an early age.  I'd be more than happy to translate some of your
> articles.  My only concern is that I currently have very little time to
> do so.  I could work on one document at a time and let you decide which
> one you'd like to prioritize.  Feel free to communicate with me directly.

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for your response. I have to reply to the list, because for some 
obscure reason Hotmail considers me as a spammer and hence refuses all 
mails from the microlinux.fr domain. Maybe you have an alternative mail 
address (gmail or else), so I can write directly to you?

As I've already stated, I *can* write in english, but the writing 
process is very slow and tedious, and one factor that adds to the 
tediousness is the nagging feeling of telling a story twice. It would be 
much more effective and productive if I could concentrate on the french 
version and then work with a translator who is more "à l'aise" ("at 
ease" ?) with english.

For the moment, I'm using my own user page as a sort of playground for 
drafts. I think it's a good idea to "slay one dragon at a time" and work 
on one HOWTO until it's perfect, or at least in a usable and publishable 

Take a look at my page, you'll see that under "Work in progress", 
there's a very detailed HOWTO on Software Management. BTW, this HOWTO is 
not meant as a replacement, but as an addition to the existing ones, 
simply providing more details (especially about building packages) and 
offering a more cookbook-style hands-on approach.

There's two copies of the HOWTO on my page, one after another. First, 
there's a partially translated version (which eventually drifts into 
french where I haven't yet translated). And then comes the french 
original version.

Suggestion : you can check what I've already translated (I guess there's 
a lot of clumsy expressions) and then try to translate the rest, at your 
own pace). You can edit everything directly on my page or else copy 
everything over to your own page, as you prefer.

Here's the link:


(Tell me if you can edit it all right)



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