[Slackdocs] Install Readme Files and the Wiki?

Hany Aziz haziz at mac.com
Wed Dec 17 03:03:49 CET 2014

Just wondering if the readme files (about setting up an initrd etc) from the Slackware install disk have been transcribed or reconfigured for the Wiki? They are quite well written, now that I know they are there! Interestingly I have been using and installing Slackware for about 4 years now (13.37, 14 and 14.1) and it never occurred to be to look in the root directory of the install disk (and elsewhere) for readme files, which is another reason I think it would be useful to give them more exposure by including them in the Wiki. Moreover being written by Patrick or at least having his official blessing is another point in favor of adding them to the Wiki. We probably should get his blessing to do so.



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