[Slackdocs] Can't create/edit pages in ru: namespace

fsLeg fsleg at t-rg.ws
Sat Jun 20 14:28:52 CEST 2015

I finally decided to translate an article or two. According to the
translation guide, I went to the page "ru:slackware:faq" to create a
placeholder, but was greeted with "Access denied" page. After trying a
few other pages, including "ru:howtos:multimedia:pulseaudio" (which
would be my own article in the ru: namespace) I still got "access
denied" when trying to create a page. I also noticed that I have
read-only access to already created pages in the ru: namespace.

I also noticed a couple of a little outdated pages, like "ru:start" and
"ru:slackware:install", which I can't edit because of read-only access.

I can understand the pages in the core namespaces, but not in the
other ones. Do I need to get some status to post/edit pages in this

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