[Slackdocs] New server for SlackDocs

Eric Hameleers (SBo) eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Mon Mar 28 23:21:26 CEST 2016

I have switched docs.slackware.com to read-only mode earlier today so
that I could start its migration to a new server and a new Slackware
platform. The server where the Wiki was hosted all the time has been
suffering from the increased popularity of the Slackware Live Edition -
the server (taper.alienbase.nl) was crashing multiple times per day when
I decided to take drastic measures and find a new home for my work.

The migration has been completed successfully several hours ago but the
waiting is now for Akamai to notice the changed IP address and start
serving content from the new server. I have alerted MoZes who works at
Akamai, that their servers do not seem to notice the change.
FYI, Slackware uses Akamai as a content cache to help us deal with the
traffic load especially around release time.

In the meantime docs.slackware.com is still happily serving the old
read-only content.
However, http://slackdocs.alienbase.nl/ is ready to rock and roll.
Akamai uses this URL 'under the waterline' to serve the
docs.slackware.com content (if you look up the host you'll see that
docs.slackware.com actually is an Akamai IP address).

The new home for the Slackware Documentation Project is "bear", the
server I have rented since last week to host my repositories and ISO
images, but the server is strong enough that it will serve the Slackware
Documentation Project more reliably than the old virtual machine where
"taper" has been running all these years.
Taper will be kept as an archive of all the historical Slackware
releases, but all the new activity will be on bear.

You will notice soon enough when Akamai starts serving the new server:
the message on top will change from "WIKI WILL BE READONLY WHILE WE
MIGRATE IT TO A NEW SERVER." to "28-mar-2016: Welcome to our new server!
Faster and less prone to crashing.".

Regards, Eric

Eric Hameleers

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