[Slackdocs] [Slackdocs-admin] A web forum for both SlackDocs and the Admin/editor discussions?

Ian Cordasco icordasc+slack at coglib.com
Tue Aug 28 14:04:15 CEST 2012

On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 05:18:25PM +0530, Harishankar wrote:
> My main objection is that my e-mail box keeps getting so many mails, I
> want to avoid getting any topics at all or subscribe to the digest mode,
> which I feel reduces readability and replyability and also makes me
> participate less in discussions. My other objection is that it is really
> inconvenient to have to access my mail client for reading and replying
> to the discussions and I hate the gmail web interface.
I hate the gmail web interface as well which is why I use mutt for that when I 
can. Then again, it took me probably a few weeks to get mutt configured just 
the way I wanted, so there may be a learning curve.

> Already I use the slackdocs (user) list in digest mode. I feel
> overwhelmed by the flurry of e-mails already.
> Once we grow in volume, I may have to unsubscribe because I
> want to avoid getting so much mail whenever I access my mail client.
Why not take advantage of gmail's ability to set filters? I use a gmail 
account for other mailing lists and those mailing list messages automatically 
get filtered into different labels and are not listed in my inbox. They are 
prominent enough that I see that there are new messages though. This allows me 
to access them in an organized way and allows me access to "regular" emails 
without having to muck through the mailing list messages.

> To me, I don't see the forum as a real support channel at all. It's
> just a community website to complement the Wiki and encourage more
> user participation.
I believe the mailing list serves the same purpose. I do see the usefulness of 
a forum, however, since new users often have a hard time replying to messages 
sent before they joined the list. This problem does not occur with a forum. At 
the same time, I for one usually shy away from having to create yet another 
account regardless of my enthusiasm. I will often only do so when it is 
absolutely necessary and I basically have no other choice. That may just be my
opinion though.


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