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Mr. B-o-B mr.chew.baka at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 01:09:23 CEST 2012

Eric Hameleers cried from the depths of the abyss...

> Yes, we thought a source with current and relevant Slackware
> documentation would be an asset to the community. The Slackware Book
> caters to newbie users of Slackware but there is a real need for more
> in-depth information about what you can all do with a Slackware box once
> you tire of the man pages. Also, the Slackware Book is just one of many
> sites about Slackware scattered around the Internet. We want to
> consolidate all that raw power and make it easily accessible, but also
> easily extensible.
> Feel free to contribute stuff that makes the site stand out from other
> documentation projects :-)

Thanks Eric!

A lot of my motivation is to contribute with items I ran into on the 
server side in a corporate/enterprise environment.  I have screamed "I 
can't be the only one who wants/needs to do this on Slackware!" with 
little to nothing to work with from google.  I'm really happy you & the 
rest of the crew are doing this!

Take Care,

Mr. B-o-B

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