[Slackdocs] Unable to edit a SlackBook page / tag error

Eric Hameleers eric.hameleers at alienbase.nl
Thu Oct 18 20:11:35 CEST 2012

Op 18-10-2012 0:38, Xavier Belanger / Ellendhel schreef:
> Hi,
> Still about the SlackBook in the wiki, always in the same
> page:
>  [ http://docs.slackware.com/slackbook:filesystem_permissions#suid_sgid_and_the_sticky_bit ]
> The code block is not really clear.  Instead of:
>   darkstar:~# ls -l /usr/bin/passwd \
>     /etc/passwd \
>     /etc/shadow
> It's probably better to have only one line:
>   darkstar:~# ls -l /usr/bin/passwd /etc/passwd /etc/shadow
> I have change the French translation in that way.  Can someone
> edit the English version please?  Thank you :)
> Sincerely.
We just copy what's in the official Slack Book. I Checked that
original at http://www.slackbook.org/beta/#id362226 and indeed it is
the same there.
If you want to fix it, please send an update to Alan Hicks and the
update will land in our Wiki sometime later.


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