[Slackdocs] NIS+NFS-HOWTO: native english speaker(s) wanted for stylistic reviewing

Tony Senerchia asenerchia at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 15:14:22 CEST 2012

Niki -

I just read through your "Roaming Profiles with NFS and NIS" page. Looks
like a lot of work went into that! I just had a comment:

As someone who's not familiar with NFS and NIS, roaming profiles, the finer
points of Linux networking (I could go on), I'm sure that if I tried to
follow your instructions, I could get this working. I just don't get the
impression that I would have a very good idea of what I was doing or why.
Sometimes, there is an instruction that seems like it might not be clear,
i.e. :

Reboot the server and check if all services are activated and use the right

# rpcinfo -p localhost

What should the output be? What are "all services" and "the right ports"?
Is that the list from "Define static ports for NFS and NIS "?

I guess my comment would be that it looks great so far, but it might need
some fleshing out and a little work on word order in some places. For
instance, "Roaming profiles come in handy in setups like SOHO networks,
schools, town halls or more generally any network where many users have to
work on many different desktop clients. " might be better as "Roaming
profiles come in handy in any network where many users have to work on many
different desktop clients, like SOHO networks, schools, town halls, etc."


2012/9/6 x y <x77 at shaw.ca>

> On 09/06/2012 02:08 AM, Niki Kovacs wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just wrote a HOWTO about roaming profiles and centralized
>> authentication. I based it on my own french documentation (a bunch of more
>> or less laconic text files I store on an SVN repo), but I'm not a native
>> english speaker. I think the HOWTO needs some proofreading. Feel free to
>> correct any stylistic weirdnesses.
>> Enjoy,
>> Niki
> I read through it, Niki. Your style is probably better then mine. I tried
> centralized authentication MANY years ago and gave up because I lacked good
> instruction.
> You've done a fantastic job, Niki.
> flip
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