[Slackdocs] Just So You Know...

B.Lawrence nowbrians at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jan 7 10:03:37 CET 2013

On 06/01/13 18:32, Nocturnal Slacker wrote:
> Dear fellow SlackDocs members,
> I wanted to alert you to the fact that due to some upcoming 
> commitments, I will not be able to participate in this project to the 
> level that I had originally intended.
> Starting this Tuesday, I'm returning to the classroom after many years 
> to take a course in Cisco hardware and application principles. My 
> intention is to get my Cisco certification with the ultimate goal of 
> an improved employment situation.
> This is going to take up nearly all of my time and efforts in the next 
> few weeks. For this reason, I've requested of Eric Hameleers that he 
> remove me as a senior editor and allow me to stay with the project in 
> the capacity of a standard editor.
> I am very proud to have been a small part of this project from its 
> inception. I regret that I could not participate more over this past 
> couple months. It's been a hectic time in my personal life. It 
> promises to be even more hectic in 2013, in a good way, though.
> Thanks to all of you for all you've done and contributed to make this 
> project that success that it is. I'll catch up with you in a few 
> months after I'm able to add a few more alphabet soup letters (A+, 
> CCNA, CCNP, Network+, Security+, Linux LPI, etc.) after my name... and 
> hopefully some more $$$ to my bank accounts. ;)
> Have a WONDERFUL 2013!!!
Hi Eric,
Don't worry about it. I've just noticed on the SlackDocs Staff page that 
we are no longer designated as "Senior Editors", anyway. The "Junior" 
editors have been doing a good job. Much better than I could. :-[
Good luck with your studies.

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